Our Latest Project - Sex toys & Disability

Many people with physical disabilities or limited mobility struggle to achieve sexual pleasure by themselves. While a few companies have started to adapt sex toys for people with disabilities they aren’t effective and none have created toys with disability in mind from the beginning. We want to change that!

It’s about time someone designed sex toys for the growing but rarely considered disabled population.

In order to make this dream a reality, we need more research to better understand all the ins and outs.

Deliciously Disabled has partnered with RMIT University in Australia, to undergo proprietary, first of its kind, research which will unlock a detailed understanding of the needs & challenges, supporting data and design recommendations needed to create the first line of sex toys that puts disabled people’s pleasure first. Woop!

The research will cost $15,000 which we believe is well worth it. But we need your help! Please donate to help us fund this research. Every little bit helps!

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Initial Research

We conducted initial survey research on the topic of sex toys and disability to validate and better understand the need within the community.

Results were in line with our thinking - full results can be found by clicking the button below.


agree sex toys on the market don't meet their needs



are interested in a line of sex toys created with them in mind